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"From Feathers to Fur, Slither or Swim"

Pet Sitting in Your Home


Huskies are Friends of The Pet Nanny - Pet Sitter Lakeland, Florida - Gina Bullock

Huskies are Friends of The Pet Nanny

Huskies are Friends of The Pet Nanny – Pet Sitter Lakeland, Florida, Gina Bullock

Need a Cat Sitter? Pet Sitter Lakeland, Florida - Gina Bullock

Need a Cat Sitter?

The Pet Nanny is your Cat Sitter in Lakeland.

Who will watch your pet with the care you would? Pet Sitter Lakeland, Florida - Gina Bullock

Who Loves Your Pet?

Gina Bullock, the Pet Nanny Lakeland, will care for your pet.

Is Snake Sitting Lakeland a real thing? Snake Sitting is for real! Gina Bullock will take care of your snake while you are away.

Lizards Need Love

Sir Liz Lemon is cared for by the Pet Nanny, too!

Chrissanne Long (Wrigley & Fiesta)

“For the last 14 years, traveling has always been stressful for me because of my two Dachshunds. They have always been anxiety-ridden! Well, that problem is SOLVED! Gina Bullock (AKA The Pet Nanny) was incredible to work with. She took pictures of Wrigley and Fiesta, updated me on their “State of Mind”, and really made this last vacation stress-free and simple! I highly recommend her to ANYONE who wants to let the pets stay at home in their normal environment! Thank you, Gina. Wrigley and Fiesta thank you too!”

Mr. Fenway (Ekho & Ryan Powell)

“Ms. Gina, thank you for taking care of my while mommy and daddy are away! Luv, Fenway.”
Letter from Fenway

Kate Stowell (Spencer & Scrappy)

“It is my pleasure to recommend Gina Bullock, The Pet Nanny, as a trusted, reliable and competent pet sitter…I will not hesitate to call Gina again when we travel or need pet help during the day. She is extremely trustworthy and loving.”

Letter from Kate, Spencer & Scrappy

Melanie, Lakeland, FL

“Gina is WONDERFUL! My dog absolutely loves her and it puts my mind at ease knowing that Gina is taking such good care of her when I’m at work.

“I could not be happier with Gina Bullock and would recommend “The Pet Nanny” to anyone who wants someone who really cares about their pet.”

Letter from Melanie

Tisha Logan

“I have found Gina to be consistently loving and responsible person. I not only trust her with my pets but with my children as well. She has been a constant in my life. You can count on her any time day or night.”

Niki Norris

“I highly recommend using the Pet Nanny, aka Gina Bullock as your pet sitter. I hired her to stay at my house with my 3 yellow labs for a weekend and couldn’t have been any more pleased with her service. My dogs loved her and my house looked exactly as I had left it.”

Cathy Flyte

“Regina has proved to be dependable, reliable, and honest. She has stayed overnight at my house while I was out of town on several occasions. She has cared for my two Labradors and I have always found that she carries on with their routine just as I asked. She demonstrates concern for the welfare of my dogs by communicating with me on a regular basis which is greatly appreciated.”

Dr. R. McEgan (and Tintin)

“Gina is always on time for every scheduled visit. She remembers, and follows, all instructions and maintains Tintin’s commands. During each visit Gina sends a text message update along with a photo. I thought this was especially thoughtful, so I would not have to worry about how the walk had gone that day.”

John Stancil

“It doesn’t take being with Gina for very long before you see her love for animals. We used her at the last minute to watch our Shih Tzu, Toby. She did a great job. Previously, she had come to our house for a Meet and Greet, so Toby would know her. He warmed to her in no time. A great service and peace of mind.”


Melissah Swann Bruce-Weiner: “Cannot give Gina Bullock and The Pet Nanny a big enough recommendation. She takes such good care of our Frenchies and Boston when we travel and they love her. Feel so much better having someone in the home with them rather than knowing they’re caged in a kennel somewhere. They’re happy, I’m happy… yay Gina! Lakeland really needed you!”

Michelle Taunton: “Gina Bullock rocks! My Pomeranian adores her. Gina’s reliable, professional, and caring, and it’s great to know that she’ll be there for my Zeus when I can’t be there. Just made yet another reservation with her a few minutes ago. I don’t know what I’d do without her!”

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