Merry Christmas Everyone! So with the holiday just 1 day away lets talk spending on your pets. How many of you have purchased items for your pets, wrapped them and put them under the tree for Christmas morning fun?

Well of course solid data is hard to come by but some surveys have been conducted by your big box pet stores on this very subject. In the US 60% of households have a pet or pets. Out of 1000 pet owners, 95% plan to buy gifts for their pets and 67% will WRAP them. And guess what, 62% sign cards on behalf of their pet.

I laugh cause that’s me 100%. I not only sign the cards I buy cards specifically from them. Ever seen those? Hallmark makes them they do I promise. Merry Christmas, happy birthday, from the cat, from the dog, check them out. OK so I’m a little of track. So pets hold a dear place in our hearts and yes we include them on the Christmas shopping list.

They are family, many say, so it’s only natural we want to include them. To the tune of 5 are you ready for this? Five billion dollars, said in my best Dr. Evil voice. You did not read that wrong folks. We pamper our pets no question. Oh let me clarify that 5 billion number, that’s just spending at Christmas, not for the year. What we spend in a year is a whole new blog subject for the future.

So you have a couple of days to get something nice for Fido, Fluffy or Freaky. Get your pet something fun and exciting, wrap them up with a treat inside to peak their interest, and watch the fun begin.

Merry Christmas Everyone and thank you for following me.


The Pet Nanny

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