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“Gina has watched my two labs and she is phenomenal.  My 1 guy is older with lots of medication and she took care of it effortlessly  For the first time I was able to go on vacation and never worry about my fur-babies.  She gave me an overview of the time frames she would be at the house. And sent me texts and photo updates which led to my comfort while away.  Dont hesitate to work with Gina, she treats your pets like family.”

Melissa Innella

“Can’t say enough great things about The Pet Nanny!! We were gone for 3 days and she sent me something every day!! If you’re looking for the ultimate in pet watching, Gina is the best!!! Asked about my fish and even offered to help with them, I had forgotten she use to work at the FL Aquarium, super knowledgeable and caring you couldn’t ask for more. We and Shady thank you!!!”

James Marrow

“Gina is absolutely phenomenal.  She has been my pet sitter for almost three years.  She will drop anything at a moment’s notice to make sure my two english bullies are well taken care of.  She is the ONLY pet sitter I have found that I can literally text last minute because I am held up at work (24hr shift RN) or need an extra visit and she always runs to the rescue.  She thoroughly enjoys her clients.  Kimber & Colt (my bullies) love her to death.  Just recently I spoke with her concerning a new schedule where I would be on call every day for 90 days and asked her if it was too much to calendar me in every day for the next three months if needed.  Gina didn’t bat an eye and said, “Don’t worry. I”ll take care of them.”  I trust her implicitly.  She gives them excellent care and is genuinely concerned about their well-being and safety as well as mine. She never complains about my crazy schedule which constantly changes last minute, request for extra visits not originally needed or that my bullies are quite spoiled and I demand extra TLC for them. She sends pictures and videos with visits knowing that just seeing them during a long shift puts a smile on my face instantly.  I literally text her every day and she never complains about that either. Lol. You seriously will not regret choosing Gina for your pet needs. ”

Jennifer Gentry

“Gina cared for our two macaws while we were out of the country on a cruise. I think that was a big responsibility given the fact that she couldn’t have gotten ahold of us had something gone wrong. We had the utmost trust in her ability to love our birds as her own and care for them just as we would. We came home to an immaculately clean bird room and cages, with two happy and peaceful birds. The macaws would have indicated to us if they hadn’t been happy in our absence. Food and water dishes were clean and full, and all trash/dirty papers had been disposed of outside. We couldn’t have asked for more, and will be very happy to enlist Gina’s help whenever we travel. Two enthusiastic thumbs up, Gina, and thank you! ”

Brady Pigg